2023 Hunting Dates & Prices

Deer Hunting

East Carolina


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East Carolina Outfitters offers you the chance to harvest four deer, 2 does and 2 bucks. 

We abide by all North Carolina rules and regulations. Each hunter must wear a Blaze Orange hat or vest. ECO guides will take you to your stand before daylight and pick you up around mid-morning. You will be taken out to a stand by mid-afternoon and you will stay on the stand until dark or until the guide returns to pick you up. At ECO, we hunt native deer in their native habitat. We cannot guarantee you a deer, however, we do put you in highly productive areas selected by our experienced guides. Our guides are highly trained in deer activity and the area in which you are hunting. We will do everything we can to make your hunt enjoyable and successful.

Management Land

We have around 5,000 acres under a management program. Some managed farms are set up to harvest 6 point and above. We also have several farms that we harvest bucks of 8 points or more. These farms give a hunter a little more opportunity to get a mature buck. At East Carolina Outfitters we feel each hunter will do their best to abide by our management guidelines. l can see us taking that picture now as you are holding your trophy buck.


ECO controls 11,000 acres of private property.

A hunter can harvest a buck with a Y on both sides. A Doe deer can be harvested as well. This gives the hunter more opportunites to fill the freezer. So get ready for some meat on the table.

East Carolina Outfitters

2512 Whitesfork Rd Scotland Neck NC 27874



Type of Hunt              Dates                             Price per Day

Crossbow                   Sept. 9 - Sept. 16        $300.00

Muzzleloader              Sept. 30 - Oct. 13       $350.00

Rifle                            Oct. 15 - Nov. 22         $400.00

Rifle-After                   Nov. 25 - Dec. 30        $350.00


Choose from Days                             Deer Harvest

3-Day.......Sun. PM - Wed AM          2 Buck, 1 Doe

3-Day.......Thur. AM - Sat. PM          2 Buck, 1 Doe

3.5 Day....Wed. PM - Sat. PM          2 Buck, 1 Doe

5 Day........Sun. PM - Fri. AM            2 Buck, 2 Doe

5.5 Day.....Sun. PM - Fri. PM            2 Buck, 2 Doe

*Contact Ralph for pricing 


  • Nice Comfortable Lodging - Completely Furnished
  • Parties of 4 or More Get Their Own Private Cabin. 
  • Friendly & Experienced Guide
  • 18,000 Acres of Private Farm Land
  • Over 200 Safe & Comfortable Stands
  • Walk in Cooler to Preserve Your Meat
  • Cleaning & Deboning of Deer for a Small Fee

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